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Pc Miler 20 Keygen 136

PC*MILER 20 136: What is it and how to get it?

PC*MILER is a desktop routing, mileage and mapping software that helps transportation and logistics professionals optimize their routes, calculate accurate mileage, manage costs, and comply with regulations. PC*MILER is developed by Trimble MAPS, a division of Trimble Inc., a global leader in location-based solutions.

PC*MILER 20 is the 20th version of PC*MILER that was released in June 2007. It introduced new features such as enhanced map data, improved address matching, expanded Canadian coverage, enhanced hazmat routing, and more. PC*MILER 20 also supported Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 operating systems.


PC*MILER 20 136 is a software patch that was released in October 2007 to fix some issues that were reported by customers or detected by the internal technical team of Trimble MAPS. The patch included updates such as:

  • Improved routing performance and accuracy

  • Fixed an issue with toll costs calculation for some routes

  • Fixed an issue with the display of some map labels

  • Fixed an issue with the export of some reports

  • Fixed an issue with the import of some custom places

  • Fixed an issue with the activation of some licenses

  • Fixed an issue with the installation of some components

  • Fixed an issue with the compatibility of some third-party applications

To get PC*MILER 20 136, you need to have a valid license for PC*MILER 20 and download the patch from the official website of Trimble MAPS. You can also contact the technical support team of Trimble MAPS if you need any assistance with the installation or activation of the patch.

If you are interested in upgrading to the latest version of PC*MILER, you can contact the sales team of Trimble MAPS. The latest version of PC*MILER is PC*MILER 37, which was released in June 2023. It offers new features such as improved routing for 53-foot trailers, RV/Caravan routing, enhanced turn restrictions, automatic updates to Hours of Service clocks, map legends toggle, Windows 11 support, and more. You can also check out the updates and patches for previous versions of PC*MILER on the official website of Trimble MAPS.

PC*MILER is a trusted and reliable software that has been serving the transportation and logistics industry for over three decades. It helps you plan efficient and safe routes, reduce fuel costs, increase productivity, and comply with regulations. Whether you are a driver, dispatcher, fleet manager, or business owner, PC*MILER can help you achieve your goals and grow your business.


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