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Tangerine Dream [Collection] (163 Release 33 Bootleg) 1967 2010

Tangerine Dream [Collection] (163 Release 33 Bootleg) 1967 2010

Tangerine Dream is a German electronic music group that was founded in 1967 by Edgar Froese. The band is considered one of the pioneers of the Berlin School of electronic music and one of the most influential acts in the history of ambient and new age music. Tangerine Dream has released more than 100 albums, including studio albums, live albums, soundtracks, and compilations. The band has also performed numerous concerts around the world, often using custom-made instruments and synthesizers.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Tangerine Dream's discography is the large number of bootleg recordings that have been produced by fans and collectors over the years. Bootlegs are unauthorized recordings of live performances or studio sessions that are not officially released by the band or their record label. Bootlegs can vary in quality and content, ranging from poor-quality audience recordings to professional-quality soundboard or radio broadcasts. Some bootlegs are highly sought-after by fans, as they may contain rare or unreleased material, alternative versions, or unique improvisations.

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Tangerine Dream [Collection] (163 Release 33 Bootleg) 1967 2010 is a massive collection of bootleg recordings that covers almost the entire career of Tangerine Dream. The collection consists of 163 releases, each containing one or more bootlegs, and a total of 33 bootleg series. The collection spans from 1967 to 2010, and includes recordings from various countries, venues, and tours. The collection also features some of the most famous and rare bootlegs of Tangerine Dream, such as Oedipus Tyrannus (1974), The Keep (1983), Goblins Club Outtakes (1996), and Dante's Inferno (2002).

The collection is available for streaming and download on SoundCloud , a popular online audio platform that allows users to upload, share, and listen to music and podcasts. The collection was uploaded by two users, Greg and Wendy Barnes, who claim to be fans and collectors of Tangerine Dream. The collection is not authorized by the band or their record label, and may violate their intellectual property rights. However, the users state that they do not intend to profit from the collection, and that they only want to share their passion for Tangerine Dream with other fans.

Tangerine Dream [Collection] (163 Release 33 Bootleg) 1967 2010 is a treasure trove for fans of Tangerine Dream and electronic music in general. The collection offers a comprehensive and diverse overview of the band's evolution, experimentation, and innovation over more than four decades. The collection also showcases the band's live prowess, creativity, and spontaneity, as well as their interaction with different audiences, cultures, and environments. The collection is a testament to the enduring legacy and influence of Tangerine Dream, one of the most prolific and visionary musical groups of all time.


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