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Dylan Edwards
Dylan Edwards

Mayfair DC Heroes RPG - The Ultimate Collection of PDF Books and Modules

Given my lifelong interest in comic books, it was only natural that I'd gravitate towards superhero roleplaying games. My first exposurewas to TSR's Marvel Superheroes RPG. While I had a lot of fun withit, I quickly outgrew its relatively simple game mechanics. Champions,on the other hand, was too complicated and too much like a wargame for mytastes. Fortunately for me, Mayfair came out with DC Heroes, whichis still IMO one of the best one available for the genre. DC Heroes is unfortunately no longer in print, thoiughits mechanics live on in the Blood of Heroes RPG, produced by Pulsar Games. A new DCUniverse RPG had been released by West End Games but itdid not use the same mechanics as DC Heroes. It too is now dead.

mayfair dc heroes rpg pdf download


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