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Subtitle Young Guns

"Six reasons why the west was wild.".A group of young gunmen, led by Billy the Kid, become deputies to avenge the murder of the rancher who became their benefactor. But when Billy takes their authority too far, they become the hunted.

subtitle Young Guns

Can Megan Gill win "Hell's Kitchen" ... again? No, wait ... strike that. Season 14 winner Meghan Gill is not making a return in Season 20 of the Gordon Ramsay cooking competition, which premieres May 31 on Fox (via Gold Derby). In fact, the new Megan Gill spells her first name without the "h," and she's a much newer player on the culinary scene. Meghan Gill followed her Season 14 win with a two-year stint at Ramsay's restaurant at Caesar's Palace in Atlantic City, according to her LinkedIn page. Megan Gill, contestant in the upcoming "Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns," would have still been in high school when Season 14 was filmed. Gill the younger, from Denton, Texas, was 23 when she participated in the making of Season 20 with 17 other chefs, all between the ages of 21 and 24. (Hence the show's subtitle, "Young Guns.")

Homicide is the leading cause of death for black boys and men ages 15 to 34 in Chicago, and the easy availability of guns is a contributing factor. To stem the tide of gun violence in Chicago, policymakers need more insight into why young adults carry guns and what might deter them from doing so.

Many young men have carried guns but not routinely. One in three young adults said they had carried a gun, and almost all did so unlawfully. Among the men we surveyed, half reported having carried a gun, but most said they had carried it infrequently.

Victimization is a common experience. The justification of carrying because of safety concerns is well supported by the fact that young adults who reported having carried a gun were more likely to experience violent victimization than those who reported never having carried a gun. Those who had been shot or shot at in the past 12 months were 300 percent more likely to have ever carried a gun.

Guns are readily accessible through informal channels. Young adults reported that getting a gun was not difficult. Almost 30 percent indicated that young people have their friends or family members buy guns for them.

Perceptions of police are poor. Fewer than one in five young adults believe police are doing well. These negative perceptions of police are notably worse among young people who have ever carried a gun.

When young adults were asked about potential factors that might reduce gun carrying and promote safety, more law enforcement was not the most common response. Instead, they mentioned the need for employment and addressing peer influences around gun carrying and use. They also highlighted the importance of addressing social norms and perceptions that encourage gun carrying.

A new partnership of several Florida law enforcement agencies is targeting the young people who Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood says are responsible for a string of gun violence across a four-county area.

Billy the Kid is one of the world's most famous Wild West outlaws. His short life was punctuated by crime and bloodshed but is often romanticized into stories about exciting gunfights and daring escapes. In the late 1980s and early '90s, one of the most popular examples of this tendency was the "Young Guns" film series starring Emilio Estevez as Billy. The original 1988 film tracks the young outlaw's life from the time he joins The Regulator posse through his participation in the Lincoln County War during the late 1800s. The sequel, "Young Guns 2," came out two years later. The sequel follows Billy the Kid's adventures after the Lincoln Country War, as told from the perspective of Brushy Bill Roberts (portrayed by an uncredited Estevez), one of the many actual men who claimed to be Billy in the early 20th century, despite the outlaw's official death in 1881.

This is a revisionist look about the known story of the West's greatest bandit. Contemporary-style Western with nice performances and fine direction by Christopher Cain who creates some good action scenes. The Kid is well played ,though sometimes overacting , by Emilio Estevez, he plays as a likable, sympathetic,attractive young and favourite with girls. Colorful and great cinematography by Dean Cundey. Modern and unfitting musical score by Anthony Marinelli. The motion picture will like to Western fans. Followed by a sequel titled 'Young Guns II'(Geoff Murphy,1990) with similar players and concerning about Billy and his band heading toward the Old Mexico and pursued by a posse.The picture is based partially on actual events. These deeds are the following: Billy(Emilio Estevez) became a cowboy in Lincoln County(New Mexico)for cattleman Tunstall(Terence Stamp) along with a young group(Kiefer Sutherland,Charlie Sheen,Lou Diamond Phillips,Dermot Mulroney,Casey Siemaszko). Tunstall was supported by lawyer McSween(Terry O'Quinn). But Tunstall was murdered by rival cattleman Murphy(Jack Palance) and started the Lincoln County War. Billy seeks revenge for his death and he converted an outlaw and nasty gunfighter with a price on his head. Bonney and his gang pull off a hot pursuit against the enemies. Billy, his band and McSween were besieged but he went out firing his gun and made his escape. The Kid was caught and convicted of killing and sentenced to be hanged ; though shackled foot and hand , he managed to getaway from prison by shooting dead the deputies guarding him. Pat Garret(Patrick Wayne), a former friend, was elected sheriff and set off in pursuit to capture him and on 1881 tracked at Fort Sumner and there shot him dead by surprise. Legend says that Billy murdered 21 men in his 21 years of life but is really thought to be much less.

This retelling of the Billy the Kid saga here and in the succeeding film, Young Guns II, is yet another fictionalized account of the doings in Lincoln County, New Mexico 1878-1879. One fine day we may get an accurate picture of the events. Here though several young actors some of whom were labeled the Brat Pack and who were coming up roughly around the same time in the Middle Eighties got an opportunity to play some real life western characters. The names of the characters these guys play are real even though the story is highly fictionalized to the extent that not all of them died during the period both films show.One reason I do like Young Guns is that it does show what is probably the most realistic portrayal of Billy the Kid. Forget Robert Taylor, Johnny Mack Brown, Paul Newman, when you see Emilio Estevez on the screen you are seeing the real Billy, basically a punk who was skilled enough to back up his brag.Estevez rides with Kiefer Sutherland, Lou Diamond Phillips, Dermot Mulroney, Casey Siemaszko, and brother Charlie Sheen. They are the 'regulators' who ride for John Tunstall the British rancher played here by Terrence Stamp.It was the relationship between Tunstall and his young regulators that villain L.G. Murphy (Jack Palance) touches on. It's certainly led to speculation that these guys were some kind of a gay harem for Stamp. I certainly am not going to comment one way or the other because we just don't know. What's more cause for the animosity is that old country resentment of the English rulers.What Young Guns essentially does is take the plot of the John Wayne classic Chisum and tell it from the Tunstall/Regulators point of view. Chisum himself is eliminated from the story, though he appears in Young Guns, II played briefly by James Coburn. So if you've seen that, you know what happens.The young guys are great and Stamp and Palance provide a good pair of antagonists. Brian Keith is around for a memorable performance as Buckshot Roberts, a well known bounty hunter of the period.Young Guns is a well done western with good editing at a pace that never drags. It's a modern classic not to be missed.

William H. 'Billy the Kid' Bonney (Emilio Estevez) has trouble with the law. John Tunstall (Terence Stamp) takes him in just as he has done with several other young men. They call themselves Regulators. One day, Tunstall is killed by his competitor rancher Murphy (Jack Palance)'s men. Sheriff reluctantly deputizes the Regulators to bring the murderers to justice. However, that's just the start of an all out war.This is the best Brat Pack western. Emilio Estevez goes nuts in this movie. His manic laugh makes this movie. Oddly, Charlie Sheen plays the reasonable leader of the group. Kiefer Sutherland falls for Murphy's china doll Yen Sun. Lou Diamond Phillips is the Indian. Casey Siemaszko and Dermot Mulroney round out the Regulator crew. History be damn. This is fictional. Although there are some famous names for the characters. This is just a bunch of young guns having fun playing cowboys.

1878 in New Mexico: John Tunstall picks up young gun men from the road to have them work on his ranch, but also to teach them reading and to civilize them. However he's a thorn in the side of the rich rancher Murphy, as he's a competitor in selling cattle. One day he's shot by Murphy's men. Judge Wilson can't do anything, since Sheriff Brady is one of Murphy's men. But attorney Alex persuades him to constitute Tunstall's young friends to Deputies and give them warrants of arrest for the murderers. Instead of arresting them, William Bonney just shoots them down. Soon the 5 guys become famous and William gets the name "Billy the Kid" - but they're also chased by dozens of Murphy's men and the army. The people however honor him as fighter for justice.

WORCESTER, Mass. - Every coach, no matter what the sport, loves to have experience on their roster. Holy Cross baseball Coach Ed Kahovec has a roster that is chock full of young players, in fact his line up is top heavy with freshmen and sophomores.

"Really excited about this team," Kahovec. "We have some upperclassmen anchoring the mound, but for the most part it's all freshmen and sophomores. So there's glimpses and flashes of excellence which is really exciting. But with any young player, young team, it's going to be that level of consistency that's lacking especially early in the year." 041b061a72


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